Friday, May 20, 2011

Face Of Australia :Liquid Eyeliner

What does one expect from a liquid eyeliner ?
  • Color payoff
  • Ease to apply
  • Easy to clean
  • Dries quickly
Have I found an eyeliner which ticks all 4 ? No, till I used Face Of Australia (FOA) liquid eyeliner in brown.

In addition to above, I have been able to achieve the perfect line without smudging and getting any eyeliner on my lashes. I was even able to get a nice flicked look. Now, this is amazing considering the fact that I have never ever got a perfect line without making multiple attempts, frustration and promising to stick to pencil liner.

But with FOA liner, I have managed to get perfect flicked eyeliner look each time I tried. In fact I am so confident now that I wear it quite often and even to events and parties.

I think what does the trick is the brush, which is firm enough to get the perfect line and still bends just enough to take the shape of eye.

I am loving this so much that I might buy other colors from the range.
It retails at $8.95AUD and can be bought from Priceline, KMart,Big W and Selected Pharmacies

Disclaimer : Product was provided for consideration but the views are entirely my experience


  1. You're really good at liquid eyeliner!! My eyelid crease is so narrow that the size of the brush would fill in half of my eyelid!

  2. i was swatching this other day, but in black and i didnt like the pigmentation, i didnt try the brown...but it looks really good *runs off to priceline*

  3. wow.. this liner looks great :)

  4. @Abi: Definitely try it out

    @Akisa: Thanks *blushing*

  5. I've been using this liner for the whole week and feel the it:)

  6. @Priyanka : Isn't it great..I just wish they had more colors to choose from