Monday, May 30, 2011

Tale of Two Oils

Let me tell you a small tale of 2 oils.

Few weeks ago, Mr. M was grinding soup in the mixer when the lid flew open and soup splattered all over the kitchen and him. Soup was right off the stove so it was burning hot and it was all over his face. Fearing serious burns we washed his face with cold water but my first aid box didn't have any burn ointment.

I quickly ran through my skincare inventory and the first thing I used was Calamine lotion to cool down the heat in the burns. This actually helped cool the burns but we did visit the doctor next day who prescribed burn ointment for 5 days.
Ointment healed the burn but there were real bad scars all over his face.

I again turned to my skincare repertoire for healing the scars. It was hard but I finally managed to convinced Mr. M to use
  • Bio Oil ( for AM)
  • Akin Rosehip Oil ( for PM)

We continued this regime for 6 weeks diligently and now all that is left of the scar is a very faint shadow. In fact Mr. M commented that the scars have considerably reduced and he has observed added benefits
  • Smooth skin
  • No breakouts (he has super oily skin)
  • Glowing complexion
Mr. M is rarely impressed by anything, but when he commented on the positive changes, I silently thanked the 2 oils and applauded myself for having them.
I think, he is loving it so much that he might not his back on this regime.

I apologize for lack of photographic evidence, but Mr. M was not very cooperative with idea of photoshoots ( husbands !!!)


  1. So nice to hear of products actually working! Am very glad your man is okay. I've used rosehip oil before but have been meaning to try Bio Oil- if it works on burns, I'm sold!
    So thank you x

  2. Ouch, I feel so bad for your husband X_x I'd be extremely upset if I burnt my face! Glad the oils are working, I'll be sure to keep them in mind if anything similar were to occur to me :D

  3. Ouch! that sounds painful. Glad that your oils helped. But isn't rosehip oil an EO? How did you use it - mixed with a carrier oil or on its own?

  4. This was a very helpful post, and I’m going to try some of these products sometime in the future.

  5. @emmabovary : I give full credit to these two oils. I had previously used RHO but this was first time experience with Bio Oil

    @Celina: Oh my heart broke when I saw his burnt face. But I am glad this worked for him. And God forbid that this should happen to anyone..and definitely not you <3 u.

    @Poohkie : To the best of my knowledge its not an EO. Infact Akin is 100% Rosehip oil

    @Gauri : I am glad you found this helpful.