Thursday, May 5, 2011

MAC Shopping Experience

I generally don't do haul posts right after shopping..its always a delayed process when I can take nice pictures of products.
But, today is an exception because of the great customer service I experienced at MAC,Chadstone.

Generally, I have observed that MAC SAs behave very uptight and make you feel that they are doing us a favor by selling us makeup. But, today I was taken by surprise by awesome service provided by Karissa.

Few things which were remarkable about her service
  • She was honest in her opinions, if it wasn't looking good she was upfront about it
  • She wasn't pushy and trying to make me buy makeup ( as if I need pushing for it )
  • She gave me space to feel comfortable & not breathing down my neck to make a decision
  • She applied eye shadows to see the look unlike other SAs at same counter
  • She was very helpful with her suggestions and opinions
So, thanks Karissa, I enjoyed the experience and will definitely come back for more.

Now, to what I bought - Silver Ring eye shadow,Powersurge eye kohl

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  1. It's so nice to get good service at a counter, makes all the difference! Glad you had a good experience=)